First Blog Post

I Had Many Doubts About NDE(s)

Written by M.T.B.  Artwork by Diego Walcopz

I initially took this project for the money. That is the truth. I did not believe in Near Death Experiences. My outlook was— this is a job— nothing more. However, as I dug through countless academic studies (this would often go late into the night), I realized something was occurring. I am not going to share my personal beliefs right now, but I will tell you that the countless hours I have spent studying this subject leave me mystified, but confident, that these experiences are occurring…

We have finally launched the website! It will continue to generate more articles and material. A lot of people ask, “What do you mean by ‘the blinding truth?’ ” This statement represents knowledge (or a Higher Power) that is so mighty that it can be blinding, or, metaphorically speaking, hard to see (understand).

I have been working on this book for over six months. Most of this time was spent doing massive amounts of research. I know a lot of people will discredit my claims, but I consistently refer to academic literature. No, it is not one journal, nor two, but currently, I have well over 40 sources, and I do not trust the internet. The grand majority of these references come from academic journals for which I pay for access. If I do use websites on the internet, they are always cross-referenced with many other sites, to validate their claims.

So why does the home page have that specific video? To be honest, most people chuckle at the idea of Near-Death Experiences— they think it is hoax, much like I did. I felt it was important to place that video, to secure the understanding that this book is written in a very analytical manner.

I encourage you to read some of the material on this website, and if you have any questions, please send me a message. It is my personal belief that people who are open-minded tend to have more success. They are willing to admit that there are no certainties, in humanity’s quest for knowledge.

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