Children and Near-Death Experiences

Children and NDEs – Do They Have NDEs Like Adults?

Written by M.T.B.  Artwork by Diego Walcopz

I have been writing about adults and their Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), because my readers are adults. However, I have done a significant amount of research on children and NDEs. To be honest, the topic fascinates me. I feel that it increases the validity and substantiates Near-Death reports. There is absolutely no way to claim sociological factors affect children as they do adults. A child’s innocence makes what they say even more compelling.

There is a book titled, “Heaven is for Real,” and it discusses a child’s Near-Death Experience. The book grossed tens of millions of dollars, and the film version made over 100 million. America is interested in what is beyond life, and there is nothing more convincing than a child’s testimony. However, that book is one child out of countless children who have had Near-Death Experiences. Let me reassure you that children do, indeed, have NDEs, by presenting more cases that are as equally jaw-dropping as the book, “Heaven is for Real.”

Meet Pat. Pat is a seven-year-old who got hit in the head by a rock. After the blow struck his head, he lay on the ground without a pulse. Luckily he was revived, but Pat carried an unrevealed secret, until age eight. At this age, he told his mother that he had a very odd experience, while he was unconscious. He described leaving his body, and watching a police officer trying to help him. As he hovered above his body, he could see the ambulance frantically whisking him away. He also observed them transporting him to a local hospital, and then flying him by helicopter, to another hospital. He described being in a dark tunnel, and seeing his deceased cat and dog. He didn’t see a light, dead relatives, or have a life review. Instead, he saw white clouds above a tunnel. When asked about his NDE, Pat said, “Time doesn’t exist.” This was an interesting comment, because many adults who have had NDEs also report that.

The second case is Amber, a 10-year-old girl. Her respiration and heartbeat stopped suddenly, and they resuscitated her. It was not until two years after this happened that she spoke about her NDE. She described her experiences as “peaceful,” and stated that she felt “relaxed.” She met loved ones and a pet, before being sent back to Earth.

I am going to share one last story about a child’s NDE, and this story is about Mike, a four-year-old. Mike became unconscious when he hit his head on the concrete floor. He would later be revived, and describe an Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE). When he lay on the concrete floor, he could see his mother holding him.  He described seeing a bright, warm light. When they told him it wasn’t his time to leave Earth, he regained consciousness.

There are some differences between a child’s NDE and the ones that adults experience. Some researchers say that children do not have life reviews (Serddahley). Many scientists also conclude that children tend to meet dead pets, living family members, and friends. Regardless, children clearly have NDEs, and there is something else that is of interest to me…

In the cases presented in this article and many others, it tends to take time before the child is comfortable with sharing his/her experience. It is evident to me that NDEs are life-altering and that children— just like adults— have reservations about sharing their experience. Research shows that it can take a long time for individuals to talk about NDEs, and considerably longer, if the experience is a hellish one. This makes me wonder how many people have had these experiences, but have not shared them. The western world estimates 4-5% of individuals have had NDEs. How accurate is that estimate?






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