Have You Ever Talked to an Angel?

Feb. 7, 2018

Have you been visited by an angel?  If so, how did he or she communicate with you?  In my case, the angel spoke to me telepathically. 

If you read my first article, entitled ‘Do You Have a Guardian Angel?,’ you know that I was involved in a plane crash, and had an angel encounter while I was hospitalized in 2002.  My guardian angel, Michael, materialized suddenly in a chair, sitting across the room from my hospital bed.  Just so you know, I have always been skeptical about telepathic communication; that is, until I met Michael.  There are several reasons I am convinced this conversation was telepathic:

  1. I was very weak and didn’t have the energy or the interest in communicating with anyone at that time; Michael had to initiate the discussion, to make me aware of his presence.
  2. I was in a medically-induced coma, so shouldn’t have been aware of my surroundings.
  3. Even if I would have been conscious, I was intubated (had a breathing tube down my throat), so I couldn’t speak.
  4. My eyes were swollen shut, so I couldn’t see that there was anyone in the room with me.

My Conversation with the Angel

Michael and I had a long, deep, and meaningful telepathic discussion.  To my perception, it felt like we talked for several hours.  My memories of him are vivid; he had a playful personality, a great sense of humor, and a musical laugh.  I told him that I had always thought of angels as ‘serious,’ and was surprised at his light-hearted attitude.  He laughed, and asked “Who told you that? How many angels have you met?”  I told him that he was the first.  His response was, “Of course I’m the first – I’m the only angel assigned to guard you.  Don’t believe everything you hear about us.  Angels have individual personalities, just like people do.” 

We discussed the fact that his sword and shield were ‘famous props’ that had always been associated with him, throughout the ages.  I apologized for not recognizing him right away, and asked why such a famous angel had been assigned to me, of all people.  He explained that he was the official protector of police, fire-fighters, and military personnel.  He was aware that I was on active duty with the Alaska Air National Guard, at the time.  I told him that I was honored to meet him, and I truly was!

We covered a variety of topics after that; my family, faith system, personal relationship with God, pilot training, military background, hobbies, interests, aspirations, and plans for the future.  Michael explained that he had observed my crash.  We talked about the factors that contributed to the incident, and ways I might have avoided it altogether.  I asked how it was possible that we were having this conversation, and whether I had died, and was now in Heaven.  He assured me that, no; I was still on planet Earth, and was in the Intensive Care Unit at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. 

Michael then gave me a ‘life review,’ and told me that I had ‘a lot left to do’ before it was time to go to Heaven.  He informed me that I had hundreds of people praying for my recovery, which alerted him to the fact that he needed to come and visit me personally.  I asked if the hospital staff was aware that my family was in Michigan, and whether they had been notified about my accident. He informed me that my husband and kids had been notified by my commanding officer, and that arrangements had been made to fly them all back to Fairbanks on a ‘bereavement’ fare.  This statement frightened me, and I asked Michael if I was going to die soon. 

He said, “No; calm down – you’re going to surprise everyone, beat the odds, and live to tell the story.  You will make a full recovery, but you’re going to have to fight, to make that happen.  God has plans for you, and you need to stay on Earth for awhile, in order to accomplish some things.  I’m going to stay here with you, and help you fight for your life.  I know that you’re a fighter, but you’re going to need help.” 

I was amazed at how much he knew about me, and humbled by the fact that he thought I was worth saving, in spite of all my faults.  I asked, “But why save me?  I’m nobody special.”  He said, “Don’t ever say that!  You are very special to God, and to the people who love you, here on Earth.”  Wow.  I was stunned to learn that God loved me so much that He would send the Archangel Michael to guard me!

I asked Michael if I could ask him some questions.  He responded with, “Yes – within limits.  We angels have rules we have to follow, when we interact with humans.”  He explained that he could answer any questions I had about the present, but that he was only allowed to answer one question about the future.  He said, “I already know what you’re going to ask; let’s discuss the present first, then you can ask me about the future, at the end.  Does that sound fair?”  I agreed.

So, I asked Michael to tell me about my injuries, since I was covered in bandages and couldn’t see them for myself.  I was also tied to the hospital bed by my ankles and wrists, so I couldn’t move much.  I found this very frustrating.  Michael described my wounds, in order, from head to toe;

  • Fractured nose
  • Fractured cheekbone
  • Fractured eye socket
  • Both lungs collapsed
  • Ruptured intestines
  • Torn appendix
  • Fractured and dislocated foot
  • Multiple scrapes and bruises on the left side of my body

I listened in shock, then responded, “Holy crap!”  He chuckled and asked, “You don’t do anything halfway, do you?” I thought to myself: “Right – understatement of the year!”  Evidently, Michael could hear my thoughts, too, for he stated, “No kidding!” 

Next, I asked him about my future.  I wanted to know how long I would live.  He said, “I’m not going to tell your death date, but I will tell you that you will live to be an old lady, long enough to see your grandchildren.”  I was 40 years old at the time, and was thrilled to hear this!

The last two questions I asked Michael were “What is my mission here on Earth?” and “What can I do to thank God for sparing my life?” He said, “Show love, kindness, and compassion to others.  Forgive them and help them, whenever you can.  You’ve been given a second chance at life; it is a gift.  Now, find ways that you can ‘pay it forward.’”

How My Philosophy of Life Has Changed

Fast-forward 15 years.  I’m 55 now, and would like to share with you some of the ways that I have changed, as a result of meeting my guardian angel.  Before my accident, I was rather selfish; I wasted a lot of time chasing my version of the ‘American dream;’ making money, gaining professional expertise, rank, power, and prestige, collecting and displaying material possessions.  I acted like I was my own little God, running around and doing whatever I wanted to do.  I called myself a Christian, but didn’t spend much time acknowledging, thanking, or worshipping God.  He was an afterthought.

Following my heart-to-heart talk with Michael, I made a promise to him (and, ultimately, to God Himself), to set my ego aside, and start shifting to a life of service to others.  Now, I pray to and talk to God, every single day.  I make it a point to say ‘good morning’ to Him as soon as I wake, and in the evening, I thank Him for another day on Earth.  I have a new lifestyle that allows me to do volunteer work.  I support projects and activities for the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre company (FLOT), and the Fairbanks Volunteers in Policing group.  And – as of this writing, I have finally found a way to ‘give something back’ to the first-responder community, who collectively saved my life on that fateful night in 2002.  On Feb. 19, 2018, I will begin training as an emergency services dispatcher for the Fairbanks Police Department.  I look forward to the time when I can be that ‘soothing voice in the darkness’ that helps someone in need.  I am dedicating my new dispatcher position to my angel friend Michael, and of course, his BOSS.

Thanks for reading, and may God bless you with opportunities to serve others.

Lorri Heneveld


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