Split Second Success! A Book OF Perseverance and Christianity: Coming to America!

This website is not — not in the least — dead. I founded this website to bring information about things that need to be spoken about– answers to questions. However, the funds were rearranged and altered to bring– not only NDE information to light– but Christina experiences that are overlooked or undervalued! Please read the following! Links to the free book are at the bottom. Please Comment! We would really appreciate the support!

While many books offer inspiration, they do not always effectively connect these moments with life experiences. Carolyne Onkoba’s book, Split Second Success, connects you with those moments and takes you into a world where everything makes sense. It is a story of leaving home for America and learning the importance of life on the way.

Carolyne is from Kenya, a region in Africa, and her stories discuss the hardships faced by foreigners. The book is about judgment faced as an outsider of America and the struggle to find work. The book also details the unrealistic expectations she and her friends had of America.

“For instance, I had never imagined there could be homeless people, poor people, illiterate people, and poor neighborhoods. So it was a shock to me on my second day in America, when my sister took me for a visit to Washington D.C, the White House, and surrounding area where I saw homeless people. I saw hawkers selling stuff by the street, and people begging for money on the road-side. I was in utter shock! Wasn’t I in the land of milk and honey?”   Split Second Success

The three stories in Split Second Success vividly describe the reality of America for those who come from outside, and the pressure that is mounted on them. Their families were overseas and hoped for them to gain prestigious jobs so that they could send some money back home. In her stories, she talks about those who are unable to build lives in America and disconnect from their families because of shame.

Today Carolyne is a registered nurse. She is also a life coach and spends her time with the love and joy of her life— her daughter. Yes, life in America would be a difficult battle to overcome, but it made her and the friends around her stronger. The story is one of hope.

Her Website: http://carolyneonkoba.com/

Free Places to Read The Book: (Please Review and Comment)

  1. Barnes and Nobel https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/split-second-success-carolyne-onoba/1128700187?ean=2940155569183
  2. Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1385013179
  3. Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/split-second-success

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