Are NDE(s) FACT OR FICTION (How to Verify)


M.T.B. and Edited By Lisa W.

Are Near Death Experiences Fact or Fiction? How To Validate Claims

    My research, writing, and the interviewing of individuals has helped me assess the validity of Near Death Experiences (NDE). I can never know with 100% certainty, but some defining traits help in the determination of the truthfulness in the experience. The following are many items that I look for to ensure credibility.

  1. Death

      How a person “Dies,” is exceptionally noteworthy. This area will discuss one of the most prevalent fields for the occurrence of NDEs.

Cardiac Arrest

     Cardiac arrests are considered by most professionals as clinical death. Patients that undergo “clinical death” experiences have “arguably” the highest rate of NDEs. From one study of 282 patients that suffered cardiac arrest, 18% claimed they recalled highly unusual experiences during unconsciousness that are associated with NDEs. 12% (41 patients) had a vivid recollection. 50% of these patients reported awareness of being dead. In this study, 25% had an OBE, and 30% said they experienced moving through a tunnel. Furthermore, 25% had communication with “The light.” Scientists cannot verify these claims as solid facts. Therefore, collected data and associated patterns are essential to validate claims.

     The latter study not only revealed similar statistics to those who experience NDE without Cardiac arrests but it is similar to other Cardiac Arrest related incidents. 18% of 344 Dutch cardiac arrest survivors reported NDEs (Van Commel et al., 2001). 15.5% of an American cardiac related NDE study (Greyson, 2003) showed similar results. 11% of 63 British survivors (parnia et al., 2001) reported the same.

     NDEs are not secluded to religion, race, geographical location, or even a person’s education level. Blind people describe NDEs. (Ring nd cooper, 1999).

This paper makes no dispute that brain activity might be relevant to an NDE experience, but it does note these experiences are often life-altering. The article stakes claim that NDEs do occur.

2. What do people experience during an NDE?

    NDE studies have endlessly suggested that the vast majority of patients report a deep understanding and satisfaction. A 1975 study by Ramond Moody indicates 60% of NDE individuals had a liberating amount of peace. Another study shows that `15% claimed a positive effect, and 40% said it was mildly positive.

    Colors are documented as extremely detailed in NDE experiences. In the vast majority of NDE, or OBEs, patients describe vibrant and vivid colors. One report indicates that 83% of cases also experience extraordinarily clear memories. There is documentation that 54% felt a slowing of time. Similar studies suggest that the concept of time distortion occurs and is vastly apparent to the individual. There are a lot of other similarities in reports— seeing a tunnel, a life review, pleasant feelings, seeing deceased relatives. Cases in temporarily brain-dead patients have also verified similar findings.

3. Afterwards

      One of the most sensationalized occurrences during NDEs is meeting deceased loved ones. In fact, this association is one of the most documented factors in NDEs. It is sensationalized in books and the media. Often it can be compelling and emotional and sometimes it is hard to explain.

      Studies have documented that memories of a person’s NDE and the details do not recede with time like other memories will. Also, there is an overwhelming substantial report of the understanding and acceptance of death by those who recover. Many of these individuals will progress into life with different perspectives that are often positive.


      These are three categories for consideration on the validity of an NDE experience. There are countless unlisted factors, and naturally, these rules do not always apply. However, they can often be useful when determining Fact or Fiction.







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