NDE Experience: Mark Wood

When I was ten years old, I lived in Oklahoma near a pond. My friends and I were playing while we went through some unusual items in a pile of garbage. I found a piece of styrofoam. I thought that it would be exceptionally good to use as a floating device for the pond nearby. 

I bought the styrofoam block with me to the pond. My brother and three friends played in the pone. I slowly immersed myself in the water and began to wade out into the murky deeper water. 

As I continued to go further out, I began to panic. I remembered that the styrofoam was found in an area my friends and I thought was overrun by scorpions. Regardless of the accuracy of this truth, and if they were really on my floating device- I still would let go.

I began to kick back towards the shore and used my arms to paddle, but I had gone too far out. The piece of styrofoam was still holding me up slightly. I had pushed it in front of me and was holding onto it loosely when it completely escaped my grasp.

Without anything to support me, tired arms, and weary legs, I struggled to stay afloat. I would fall beneath the water 5 or 6 times as I tried to get back to the surface. I was sinking into the pond. 

It was at this point that I felt my body detach from me and I looked down on my drowning body. I was about 30 feet in the air, and I could see everything around me. I looked into the backyard of a nearby neighbors house. I remember seeing a blue and white truck sitting in the mud. 

A bright light appeared to the right of me. There was an immense amount of love emitting from this white glowing light. I can think of no words to describe the feeling, and a voice began to speak from this great ball of illuminating love. It told me I had to go back. 


I felt at such peace floating above my body that I protested and said that I had no desire to go back. Despite my disagreement, I would reenter my body and survive. 

At the time of this incident, I did not have a substantial memory of my rescue. However, as years passed and I grew, this sketchy memory would begin to become clear. There is a faint vision of a friend swimming to my rescue and bringing me back towards the shore.

I am 56 years old and presently living in Los Angeles. I went back to visit that pond about ten years ago. Of course, I had doubts about my experience, and I would raise this subject with an old friend of mine. I asked if anyone in her family had a blue and white truck, much like the one I had seen in my out of body experience. She would tell me that it belonged to her older brother.

As I strolled around the pond, years later, I felt a deep satisfaction because I knew there was a world beyond this one. I do not believe I imagined it and during my brief visit, memories would resurface. One thing I have never forgotten, and never will, is the love that emitted from that light. It was a feeling of safety, security, and warmth that evades all words. I can say with certainty- it has changed me.

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