Diego Walcopz

DIEGO WALCOPZ Near Death Experience

Picture Created by, Diego Walcopz Edited by, Blair M. Co-Edited by, A.G.

Project Managment: M.T.B.


I was in bed as I became stricken with disbelief. I saw myself next to the ceiling looking down at my body. I was floating above the room, and as I looked down, confusion swept over me.

I remember wondering, “Whose body is that?”

As I continued to hover above, I began to realize that I was looking down at my body.

As I peered down at the room, I heard a voice saying, “Come on.” Although these words seem to come out of nowhere, I could feel the speaker’s presence.

Before I knew it, I began to travel through a refreshing burst of what I could only describe as a fog that had high proportions of humidity. I saw other people funneling through these tunnels heading upward.

I had the stark realization that I was leaving Earth and that my life had ended. I thought to myself, “Was this the end of my life?” I then spoke these words with confusion, “Did my life end?” The presence I felt beside me answered, “It seems as though it has.”

It is hard to describe the manner in which I was flying upwards. I seemed to be twirling through the fog, as I recognized a very dim but subtle blue light encasing me. Finally, I arrived at a small square.

There were two beings, but the only visible details were their giant eyes. I began to talk with them and asked curiously if my life had ended. They answered me, “Maybe, yes.” Then I spoke to myself out loud in an array of shock saying, “I must be dreaming!” The guides were quick to reply, “No, you are not dreaming. Look at your family.” Appearing in front of me were family members who had passed away. There were other people and children that I did recognize. All of them were smiling, and all seemed happy I was there.

I felt a sense of peace, and I wanted to hug these people. But as I neared them, I was told to stand back because the peace and love it would generate would make it impossible for me to return to earth . . . if I were to return at all.

It was then that an enormous prairie appeared, and I could see people ascending from numerous tunnels. Some of these people saluted me as they passed. They said they were friends of my family. I did not know many of them. (However, ten years after this experience I met all of these individuals on earth through my brother).

These individuals told me that I was in a vital transition and that I would ascend further where a person would decide if I remained or returned to my body. They also told me the further I drifted away from Earth, the less likely it was for me to go back.

Suddenly, I saw a cream color place which was followed by a bright red-orange, and the colors combined seemed to create something that almost looked like an explosion.

I entered a bright blue tube, and it whisked me away.  I felt as if I were at an extremely high altitude – far away from where I had been.

As the speed slowed down, my eyes reverted to foreign entities.

The life I had lived began to unfold in front of my eyes, and a dialogue started as I saw parts of my life flash in front of me. A process of self-judgment of my life on Earth began. This process caused me to question my actions as I wondered about the choices I had made. At first, I felt defensive, and then I wanted to know the reasons for everything. I became very inquisitive. I was in the foreign world, but I still contained the intellect and perception of the human I had been… I was… I am…

I found myself in a light blue light as I became engulfed in fear that was due to guilt. My past life was flashing before me in stages, as I witnessed the good and bad of my life. Nevertheless, I saw a group of beings saluting me, and I could tell that none of them were judging me. I was the one who was placing judgment upon myself.

As these events continued to unfold, I had this strange realization that my physical life on Earth was as crucial as it was unimportant. The truth of this “life review” began to make sense as I realized – in the grand scheme things – there was no guilt. It was a beautiful feeling to experience acceptance despite my faults.

The guides allowed me to understand my actions in which I felt guilt or non-guilt, and they explained in a manner that I can only call supernatural. Their words were direct, and as they spoke I felt a sensational feeling of wellbeing and peace. When I did experience some guilt, they explained to me that this is all part of the process. However, they were clear in making me understand that in depths of my life, my actions had no real weight in this new existence.

The guides approached me, and they were looking at me with great intensity. I began to gain a new perspective. I understood that most of our life’s ambitions are ambivalent and not transcendental. I continued to watch what appeared to be a 3D movie of my life as it sped at a rapid rate in front of me.

I asked the guides if they would slow the images so that I could talk about parts of my life. When they answered, I felt an overwhelming peace. They told me that I should acknowledge the life I had lived, but that was all I need— an acknowledgment of these truths. On the grand scheme things, it was not significant.

As I said, I felt peace, and their remarks were of kindness that radiated from them. But I felt frustrated. I was told not to worry about my self-analysis because it was not a process of judgment but rather self-discovery.

These guides created peace in me. Their presence alone was kind and conveyed love. When I asked particular questions sometimes, they answered only with a smile.

Our conversations were not verbal, but instead, they could sense my thoughts and I could hear theirs. They instantly knew what I was thinking. Not only did love emit from them, but they were calm, understanding, and held a sense of humor. Everything was understood without uttering a word.

As the “Life Review” ended, I looked at them, and they smiled. Suddenly, I ascended through a tube-like shape, yellowish and opaque. I had a weird but translucent realization that the other people in the tubes who kept ascending along the side of me were symbolically throwing away all the objects they had on Earth. I got the impression that these “objects” were no longer needed, and it was almost as if it was a cleansing process. I stopped traveling through the tube as I found myself in what looked like an old train station full of noise.

I looked in awe at first, and some people that I knew who greeted me pleasantly. I had the realization that this was the threshold – if I ascended any further, I would not be able to go back to Earth. In the distance, I could see grayish beings, and it became apparent to me that I had to talk to them before I could go any further. I realized that if I continued to ascend past this point, I would accumulate tremendous experiences and learn the secrets of another life. If that were to happen, I knew my life on Earth would perish.

People were descending back to Earth while others drifted upwards. I recognized some of the individuals that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. I asked many of the people what they were doing there and they spoke of illnesses and misfortunes that had led them to this juncture. In addition to those I knew, there were many faces I did not recognize. (I would meet these individuals many years later on Earth).

I spoke to a person who was being sent back to Earth because he had died due to health problems, but the doctors were able to resuscitate him. Guides came to this individual and I nodded goodbye as he descended back to Earth and into his body through a tubular structure.

During this period, I had guides with me. I briefly experienced unconsciousness, and when I recovered, I was in a sauna. I asked myself, “Was I at risk?” Fear swept over me, and I repented because I had a spiritual revelation that I had crossed the threshold.

The wisdom and understanding of my whereabouts and situation made me realize that I was not going back to Earth unless I thought about the loved ones I had there. I was beginning to feel full of anguish as I asked the guides that were still with me about going back to Earth. They told me that it depended on a higher power. I finally let the last sliver of hope drain from me as I realized I was not going back.

Suddenly, the guides took my hands, and I could feel not only my body but also my spirit traveling at a great speed. It felt cold, like menthol, and there were high-pitched cosmic sounds. The sounds were similar to modern music, bright, and white light, almost metallic surrounded me as the guides and I flew through the depths of the universe.

As we stopped, I looked up in surprise and a luminous golden shape appeared. I saw an androgynous being that I could only describe as the brightness of the sun, but the light did not hurt my eyes. He approached me, and his size was far beyond mine. I realized that this being was beautiful, if not by sight, but by his presence. I could tell that his wisdom was far beyond my own. My body twinged with an inhuman sensation of awe. I could feel his compassion as it radiated, much like the light shining from him. I knew he was something of pure love and wisdom. The being that had exuberated love and light approached and embraced me. The feeling, as he hugged me, is not something I can describe in the English language.

I wanted to experience more because being this being was – in itself – pure joy and happiness. I felt sensational and remarkable amounts of peace. The creature in the bright light lowered his hand, and my deep understanding of this loving entity vanished.

My guides took me back down to Earth. I was told my life would be hard, but I was permitted to live the allotted time given. As we headed back to Earth, it felt like I was falling. In fact, as I descended, it went so quickly that this created the sensation of what I can only describe as a fireball. The guides told me telepathically to relax because it would not be much longer. Then I fell into my body like a sack of bricks.

As I regained consciousness, I felt a deep pain near my heart, and it was a pain that was unbearable. I was also having trouble breathing. It was hard to move – I could not move my arms and my feet felt frozen. The pain near my heart lasted over an hour. I would manage to get to the bathroom and felt a great deal of fatigue. I would proceed back to the bed where I slept for 12 hours.

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