The Importance of the Truth


A Detailed Account Of A Near Death Experience That is Jaw Dropping

Picture by: Diego Walcopz Edited by: Blair M.  Project Managment and Author: M.T.B.

Did This Happen? A Prologue in The Book

There is a detailed account written by a nurse in a Coronary Care Unit: In the wee hours of the night, a 44-year-old cyanotic man came to the hospital in critical condition. He had been found in a coma within a meadow and brought to the hospital via an ambulance. An estimated thirty minutes had passed before his arrival at the hospital. The doctors and nurses immediately intubated him. (Intubation is a method in which a tube is placed in your trachea and allows the person to breathe artificially). However, the nurse realized he had dentures, and she proceeded to remove them and put them in the crash cart. The man remained comatose for an hour and a half. His heart rhythm and blood pressure would stabilize, and he got transferred to the intensive care unit where he would continue to breathe artificially (intubated). “Only after more than a week do I meet again with the patient, who is by now back on the cardiac ward,” writes the nurse in her notes. 14 Something strikingly odd happened next. The man pointed at the nurse and said: “O, that nurse knows where my dentures are.” 14 The nurse was surprised by this response, and the man spoke further and said that the nurse had taken out his dentures and placed them in the crash cart. He would then go on to describe the room they had him in and the cart with the many bottles on it. Apparently, in notes the nurse wrote, the man claimed to have an out of Out of Body Experience (OBE). He explained that he was floating above the operating room while he watched his body. Shockingly, he was able to describe the situation of his near death experience with astonishing detail. He describes the small room he was in with fantastic detail, and he knew precisely where his dentures were. 14, 1

      This event was incomprehensible because he was in a coma, unresponsive, and completely unconscious. After the experiences, he began to feel similar to most people who experience Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, or the combination of the two. He was no longer afraid of death because he knew there was something beyond life. 14

    Skeptics speculate that somebody had informed him regarding what happened — after all, he was unconscious. He might have wanted to know what happened and asked somebody? Perhaps it was just a strikingly odd coincidence! Maybe he overheard a conversation regarding the location of his dentures, and the administered drugs had a delusional effect. It is also conceivable that the event was misinterpreted. In addition, we are looking from one viewpoint — the nurse’s notes. Could she be biased? Many people would say there is a logical explanation for this occurrence. And perhaps there is, but what if the man was telling the truth about another world? What if there exists something beyond this Universe? Are we, as humans, so arrogant that we believe mankind is capable of holding the truths of the universe in the palm of our hands?

      This book is built on delivering you to spiritual perspective but accepts all points of views so that you can determine if these stories are fact or fiction. We encourage other religions to embrace the book. OBE and NDE happen in every religion, and it is a global occurrence. I guess the questions is, “If or when” you stand in front of your Creator— what will be his judgment on your earthly body?

      There are only two options in the afterlife: Something greater than us, or darkness. (I will briefly touch on Purgatory). Heaven is a place of great joy while hell, by all formats — theological or biblical — they are the eternally damned. This book is written in a professional format that allows you to draw an educated conclusion. However, if you take one thing from this book, it is the next and concluding paragraph. 

    A young child will often think by covering their eyes they become invisible. In fact, it is a humorous phase in a child’s development when they go into the corner of a room and cover their eyes, thinking nobody can see them. Dear readers, I advise you not to cover your eyes. You will not be able to hide from the ultimate truth. It is disputable that something exists beyond this world, but dear reader, I am begging you to place down your hands and not hide, but rather… see the truth from all angles.

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