“The Father of Near-Death Experience”

One of the Greatest Contributors to Near-Death Experiences

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Near-Death Experiences was first “officially” identified by Heim in 1892. However, Raymond Moody Jr. is considered to be the lead authority on Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). His research was composed of decades of analysis into people who were on the brink of death but recovered. He documented over a hundred cases associated with NDEs. His life work suggested that these occurrences were real. Time magazine called him, “The father of the Near-Death Experience.” However, he was asked by an interviewer (Tsakiris), “Do you believe in God?” Dr. Moody responded, “No, I absolutely do not.” He does contradict himself by saying he has a relationship with God. 1, 3, 6, 7

Raymond Moody first received a P.H.D. in philosophy from the University of Virginia in 1967. He later received his MD as a psychiatrist in 1976. Doctor Moody has Aspergers Syndrome and Myxedema (severe hypothyroidism). He openly admits that he was never good at socialization. This did not stop him from gaining his P.H.D. at the age of 24. After achieving an M.D. in psychiatry, he would work temporarily as a forensic examiner at a unit devoted to the criminally insane. 3

Doctor Moody’s research into NDEs would continue through the 1960s, and he published his best selling book in 1975, named, “Life After Life.” This book would become a best seller and sell over 13 million copies worldwide. The book drew the world’s attention to the possibilities of Near-Death Experiences and life after death. It would not be long until he received the humanitarian award in Denmark in 1988. He would also win an award for a version of the movie “life after life.” Dr. Moody would also appear on various television shows. This included appearing three times on Oprah show. He would continue to write and publish books: “The light beyond Reunions,” “Life after Loss,” “Coming Back, and Reflections” and “The Last Laugh.” He would also help in the development of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. 2, 3, 5

Presently Dr. Raymond Moody does phone calls for 350.00 dollars an hour. His Myxedema (untreated can lead to severe depression) lead him to a suicide attempt recently and he said he did not fear death because his research revealed beauty beyond this world. He continues to be heavily involved in personal consultation. His research made him one of the beginning pioneers in the field of Near-Death Research. 3



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