Testimonials From People who Experienced NDE(s) and Other Spiritual Experiences

We have many Testimonials that will be released. If you have had an NDE experience, please contact us for consideration of publication. The experience you have had could help others. You might wonder if these stories are imaginative figments from individuals? However, I assure you that these experiences follow distinct patterns and we go to great lengths to validate them as undeniable and unrefutable experiences. Please look at the scientific literature that we provide. We will be posting this information as quickly as possible.



  1. DIEGO WALCOPZ – Diego had an OBE or what many would consider an NDE. He is not afraid of death and although he was raised in Catholicism, by the age of 12 he decided that religion was not his answer. I asked him if he, “Ever doubted his NDE experience?” His Response: “Yes. I am a very logical person and sometimes I think it could be influenced by my early childhood. Nevertheless, seeing the future is something that lessens my doubts.” It is an amazing story that follows the patterns of NDE experiences observed by scientists. One of the most interesting aspects was that he had never heard of NDE(s) before this event. The picture attached to the story was done by Diego through Microsoft paint.

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