What Is My Mission

My book is on the topic of Near Death Experiences (NDE), and Spiritual Experiences. It is going to be a debut book in a series of books based on unique religious perspectives, inspirational ideas, and further understanding of humanity. I believe that a mystical world surrounds us, but is it a world that science can help us interpret? Through science and knowledge, I hope to advocate and promote this and future books that will enlighten readers. I want to present data, evidence, and ideas that will encourage readers to think outside of the box.

I had planned for this book to be ready for publication in six months to a year, but due to financial shifts, I am fortunate to say that I will not rush. I want to produce a significant piece of literature without struggling to maintain deadlines. (There will be many ebooks introduced for sale. Their profits will go strictly to supporting this site but mainly as donations to NDE researching groups).

This website is still under development and will frequently be updated. We have several videos ready for release and many articles that will surface as time progresses. 


Kind Regards,


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